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How To Start A Cow Skin (Kpomo) Business



How To Start Kpomo Business In Nigeria

Kpomo is prepared cow skin, which makes up about 35% of the whole meat created in a cow. Throughout the long term, it has been crucial for heaps of purchasers in enterprises like the food business, restorative industry, drug industry and all the more particularly, in cowhide works. Crude covers up and skins, even cowhide, are quite possibly the most traded non-oil items in Nigeria, producing about $75.3 million as absolute income.

Nigeria burns-through around 1 million metric huge loads of cow meat every year with about 30% of this meat being cow skin or covers up, otherwise called Kpomo, making the Kpomo business a truly productive one with high neighborhood and global interest with great overall revenues. 

What is Kpomo?

Kpomo, otherwise called Kanda or Ponmo (in Nigerian nearby speech) is prepared cow skin. It is an exceptionally normal delicacy delighted in on the whole pieces of Nigeria, by various clans and societies.

What Is Kpomo Production?

Kpomo creation is the way toward making Kpomo from cowhides, and it involves the correct determination of the cow to the partition of the skin from the body of the cow to the way toward changing the skin over to Kpomo. 

Business Opportunities in Kpomo Production

1). Wellspring of Food:

Kpomo is a fundamental delicacy to Africans, and most particularly, Nigerians, as it is devoured by all clans and locales, and can be eaten in different structures in various types of dinners. 

2). Wellspring Of Animal Feed

 Kpomo is likewise utilized in the creation of pet creature takes care of like canine and feline feed. It can likewise be arranged and served alone to your pets or blended in with other food.

Realities and Benefits of the Kpomo

Kpomo, contrasted with ordinary meats, has low protein and low fat. 

A 100g of bubbled thick Kpomo contains about 224.65kcal of energy, 6.80g of starch, about 43.9g of water, 46.9g of protein, 1.09g of fat and 0.02g of fiber

 For micronutrients, it contains limited quantities of calcium (61mg), iron (4.3mg), magnesium (12mg), phosphorus (36mg) and zinc (6.79mg) 

Kpomo is an entirely moderate sort of meat 

Kpomo is fundamental for weight reduction since it contains little calories

Extreme wellbeing chances from kpomo come from processors who broil the covers up over consuming tires or petrochemical fires.

Kpomo is a wellspring of job.

Revelation made by certain researchers as far back as the 1980s shows that Kpomo could hinder the maturing interaction.

Gelatin/collagen is separated from cow skin and utilized in different structures in the food business to make food things like jam, frozen yogurt, organic product or wine gums.

In drug enterprises, gelatin separate from cow skin is likewise utilized in making the packaging for meds and added to drugs as a gelling specialist

In corrective businesses, gelatin extricate from cow skin could likewise be added to excellence creams/items

Kinds Of Kpomo

1). Dim Kpomo:

Here, the covers up are simmered over an open wood fire and afterward scratched to eliminate the hair and consumed covering. Afterwhich they are then cut and bubbled.

How solid dull Kpomo is relies upon the fire. Wood is for the most part a minor issue while utilizing tires and petrochemicals are a huge medical issue.

2). White Kpomo: The covers up are isolated from the entire body of the cow and afterward shaved. After this, it is bubbled until delicate enough for utilization.

The most effective method to Start Kpomo Business in Nigeria: Step by Step Guide

The Kpomo creation measure for utilization is certifiably not an intense one. It just barely requires a lot of tolerance and constancy:

1). Broiling The Cow Skin:

The main phase of kpomo creation includes the utilization of warmth. Logs of woods are to be organized to shape a chimney, and afterward fire is determined to it. After the fire is set, the cover up or skin is placed into the fire to consume until it psychologists to the littlest structure and is darkened.

2). Heating up The Roasted Cow Skin:

A drum of water is then positioned on another chimney and left to bubble. The darkened Kpomo is put inside the bubbled water and is cooked till it expands back.

3). Cooling And Packaging:

After the skin is cooked, it is permitted to chill off and is then placed into enormous plastic drums loaded up with water to splash for the time being.

The Kpomo is splashed so the sharpness of the fire will be killed. In the event that the Kpomo is to be a dried repackaged one, it may not be drenched for the time being. However, whenever doused, it will be stove dried, at that point slice to explicit sizes.

Difficulties of the Kpomo Business In Nigeria

Here are a few difficulties that can influence beginning Kpomo business in Nigeria and Africa:

Absence of financing for huge scope creation

Absence of exceptionally prepared storerooms

Absence of proficient creation components

 Helpless financing of exploration exercises 

Absence of simple admittance to the global market

Absence of assets to import global standard handling apparatus

Cheats and hoodlums

Ineffectively oversaw inventory network 

Low purchaser buying power 

Advertising difficulties

Absence of involvement

Utilization of conventional undesirable parade measures

Conflicting valuing frameworks

Wellbeing outcomes from the destructive creation measure

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