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How To Keep Good Relationships

How To Keep Good Relationships

Usually, people treat dating and relationships like sort of fun hobby, a sport or an inexpensive toy you play with once you get bored, then you set it aside when you're finished. But this "casual style" of dating is impossible for an emotionally stable person. Let me tell you why! once you kiss, hold hands, or roll in the hay , intense amounts of the hormones-- dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin flood the brain.
These hormones make us feel intense bursts of delight , reduced anxiety, and help us feel emotionally attached to eachother. These hormones exist in nature to encourage reproduction and to stay families together. once we hack , we undergo a physical withdrawal of those hormones because our brain is not any longer getting those hormones.

During a breakup, your brain frantically signals you to travel back thereto source of delight by sending you jolts of hysteria and sometimes even physical pain. If you revisit together, the hormones return, and therefore the feeling of utmost panic goes away and relaxation returns. In fact, getting back together are often an exciting time like once you first met eachother, your dopamine levels will undergo the roof! However, this does not mean the connection is fixed. the push and excitement of getting back together will wear off after a short time , and therefore the issues that caused the breakup to start with with will eventually resurface. If these issues aren't addressed, another breakup will likely happen 1-6 months later.

Dating are often an enormous thrill of excitement! It's wonderful having a partner to share your ups and downs with. But, they're no game. People's emotional, financial, and physical health are all on the road . it is a huge responsibility. people that are in loving marriages tend to measure about 5-10 years longer than single people. However, those that experience a divorce or major breakup are 3-6 times more likely to kill and twice as more likely to file for bankruptcy. The notion of "love can heal, but love can kill", is certainly true during this perspective. 

Therefore, before you join a dating app, before you ask that girl for her number, before you opt to possess sex for the primary time, before you opt to cheat your boyfriend or girlfriend... ask yourself a couple of questions. 

1. Am I prepared for the results of my actions?

2. Am I emotionally prepared for a committed relationship?

3. Will my current actions possibly destroy my life or someone else's?

 4. Am I able to abandoning of the liberty of being single?

5. Am I conscious of the advantages of being during a committed relationship or am I just trying to possess fun right now? 

6. Am I conscious of the potential challenges of being during a committed relationship? 

7. Am I emotionally equipped to handle a breakup?

And most significantly ... 

"Do i actually know what I want?" 

Knowing what you would like is key! If you're 100% sure that you simply just want sex, don't lie and say you would like marriage to urge it. If you're only into tall guys, don't date a brief guy simply because you're lonely and he happens to be available (*until you'll meet a tall guy.) These are all horrible strategies which will only lead towards you humiliating yourself and your partner. 

If you're willing to travel outside your preference and provides someone an opportunity , choose it! But as always, take some time , and be honest about how you are feeling . Once you've got sex, kiss, or start exchanging in any physical intimacies, you'll complicate things such a lot more. Moral of the story is, "Don't eat something until you recognize what it's , otherwise you may find yourself eating something poisonous!"

Relationships and sex are often very exciting and fun, but that intense "high" feeling only lasts for about 6 months to a year at the best . a true relationship is not just steamy sex and taking trips together, it also involves disagreements, occasional arguments, and communication skills. 

Not most are wired to be during a traditional monogamous relationship. Some have only been with one person their entire life.Some people hate alcohol. Others smoke. Some love tattoos, others think they're "trashy". None of those preferences are "wrong" perse, but so as to effectively bond and make harmonious relationships with other humans, we must communicate our wants during a way that mutually dictates the direction of a relationship whether it leans towards a lifetime commitment like marriage, an off-the-cuff encounter, or a mutual separation. 

All choices accompany consequences --- pros, and cons! 

Casual hookups are often physically pleasurable and convenient, but leave you in danger for diseases and feeling emotionally unfulfilled from the act of sex. 

Marriage can create strong partnerships and feelings of security, but are often very consuming of some time and energy. 

Breakups are often freeing and permit you to pursue new adventures, but are often emotionally devastating and financially costly. 

Dating, marriage, and breakups are all games of strategy and requires a balanced blend of flexibility,a positive attitude, planning, and an open mind. 

As a person in his thirties, I even have been on the side of each spectrum. I even have been faithful, unfaithful, I even have choppy with, and are dumped. I even have felt it all. As I enter my mid-thirties and find myself still unmarried, I even have made a hard-lined commitment to myself that I will---- 

A. Respect myself altogether matters. 

B. Respect my partner altogether matters .

C. Demand an action plan once I issue forgiveness. 

D. Take responsibility once I act foolish, and be willing to satisfy demands to make sure it is not repeated.

E. When dating someone, maintain my individuality but always being aware that i'm a neighborhood of a "team". Adopt a team mindset. it isn't me VS you, but US against the matter . 

F. Maintain honest and open dialogue. Things aren't getting resolved if each side aren't being heard. Put everything on the table, and check out to succeed in compromises if you cannot get 100% of what you would like . Meet within the middle. 

G. Work on healing past scars. Childhood tramau, addictions, sexual deviancy, mistrust of others-- attempt to fix these before stepping into a relationship. If you're handling any of this while during a relationship, don't hide it from your partner, ask them for help, and overcome it together. Remember, its US vs the matter , not me VS you. 

 I hope this guide has helped you. Hopefully by abiding by these rules you'll refrain from hurting yourself et al. , mend a broken relationship, or learn to simply accept a failed one and stop repeating an equivalent behaviors in your next relationship.

No matter what stage you discover yourself in life, single, during a relationship, happily married, divorced, or struggling during a failing relationship, just know that you simply aren't alone. There are people who are even as happy as you or simply as sad as you at any given moment. There are over seven(7) billion people on Earth! Your feelings, regardless of how good or bad, always have merit. counting on the sensation , we may have counseling or extra help, but, meaning to change for the higher , or being grateful for what you have already got are both strong indicators of a bright future ahead. 

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