Saturday, 25 July 2020

'Bobrisky Is Highly Possessed, He Will Destroy The Future Of Our Youth' - Evangelist Victor Edet

Bobrisky Is Possessed He Needs Prayers

A Nigerian evangelist identified as Victor Edet has called out popular transvestite, Bobrisky on social media. The evangelist stated that Bobrisky is possessed and he needs deliverance.

He added that the cross dresser is leading youths astray with his lifestyle and he is sending wrong signal which would destroy the coming generation.

He wrote;

“THIS boy is highly possessed, and he needs our prayers and serious deliverance. This boy is leading our youths astray and he’s sending wrong signal to the coming generation. Alot of people will come out and say he’s not our problem, he’s not our problem. Many years ago, some people where saying corruption is not the problem of Nigeria. We ignored it and refused to fight against it. Today in Nigeria, the people waiting to steal from the Government are higher than the population of people currently stealing from the Government. If we don’t stop this boy, this boy will destroy the future of our Youths.”

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