Saturday, 25 July 2020

#BBNaija2020: Lucy Gets Angry As Kaisha Calls Her ‘OLD CARGO (WATCH VIDEO)

Lucy Gets Angry As Kaisha Calls Her ‘OLD CARGO

Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) Season 5 has started experiencing drama as Lucy got angry when Kaisha called her OLD CARGO.

This is the second fight in the house, an argument broke out between them over Kaisha’s complaint that she can’t sleep in the dark.

Lucy wanted Kaisha to stop talking about it, but Kaisha who got offended with Lucy for trying to shut her up so she lighted up the room with sarcastic comments.

Their fellow housemate, Trikky Tee tried to calm the situation and stop them from fighting, but Kaisha refused to quit. Lucy did not give in either as she was heard saying “Everybody together, them no reach”

Watch video below:

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