Thursday, 10 January 2019

Photo: Late Fela Kuti's Son, Seun Kuti Grabs His Babymama's Boobs

Seun Kuti, his girlfriend & Late Fela Kuti

One of late Fela Kuti's son, Seun Kuti will be another year to his age on Friday 11th January and he just shared this photo of him grabbing his babymama's boobs saying, 'I am glad to have you with me on my journey cos it gets lonely on the narrow path sometimes'.

Below is what he wrote;

'The year has started on a positive note already. My birthday is in a few hours. I am feeling better than ever. I am more inspired than ever. Stronger than ever.

I am glad to have @chefyeide with my on my journey cos it gets lonely on the narrow path sometimes. It’s important to travel the straight and narrow with someone you trust cos you don’t meet a lot of people on the way.

If your New Years resolution is the liberation of Africa and the dismantling of the political and economic systems that oppress us as motherland people globally, put a ?? in the comment section. The AFRICAN DREAM must be priority!!'


Ngozi said...

Happy birthday in advance

Uche said...

Why you know marry am , I still don't why Nigerian artiste like to have baby mamas?

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