Tuesday, 15 January 2019

'I Hate Transactional Sex' - Falz Explains After Being Accused Of Slut Shaming In His New Music Video; Twiter Users React


Falz's latest song 'Talk' has generated a lot of reactions from Nigerians, with people picking different aspects of the song to analyze.

The rapper was especially criticized for slut-shaming sex workers in his song. He was accused of criticizing women who sleep with men and expect to be paid but having nothing to say about the men who employ the services of sex workers.

In a private listening session of Falz' new album 'Moral Instruction', Falz explained why he criticizes women who have sex and expect money in return.

He said he hates transactional sex which is why he sings against it. He also said that transactional sex leads to the objectification of women.

Falz on being accused of slut-shaming.

"I hate transactional sex." pic.twitter.com/nAH0KAt2Vz

— Joey Akan (@JoeyAkan) 14 January 2019

But a lot of Twitter users were even more triggered by his explanation and they called him out for it. There were also those who supported Falz and said they understand where he's coming from.

For all of you who say he doesn't mention the buyers of sexual service, here he Falz goes: pic.twitter.com/qmRg7JUDTR

— Joey Akan (@JoeyAkan) 14 January 2019

Below are screenshots of Twitter users' reactions and a video of Falz saying he hates transactional sex.

Click here to see more reactions

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