Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Linda Ikeji Reveals She’s Been Accused Of Bashing Single Mothers, Baby Mamas

Linda Ikeji and her son, Jayce

Linda Ikeji has stated that she never bashed single mothers. According to her, such was all made up.

Linda Ikeji has come under intense criticism of late since it became clear that she is now a single mother, a term many believe she always castigated women for on her popular blog.

Since welcoming a son, Jayce Jeremy, whose father Sholaye Jeremy has never admitted to be responsible for, Linda Ikeji has been heavily criticized for living a hypocritical life.

It grew worse when she opened up that she has been dumped by the father of her child even after earlier announcing an engagement before pregnancy followed.

Well, she has finally cleared the air on the talk of her bashing single mother.

See Screenshot below;

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