Monday, 10 December 2018

I Stand For Sex Before Marriage Because I Don’t Want To End Up With Something Inadequate' - Actress Queeneth Agbor

Queeneth Agbor
Queeneth Agbor

Queeneth Agbor, a Nollywood actress, has said she is totally in support of having sex before marriage, because she doesn't want to end up with a man who is not sexually active.

During a chat with Sunday Scoop, she spoke on the importance of sex in a relationship, the actress said,

"To some people, sex is associated with stability because it increases the bond and maintains a level of stability. As for me, I believe that sex is overrated in a relationship though I stand for sex before marriage with a good reason. I need to test my 'goods' so I don't end up with something inadequate. Cheating is no-no for me. However, in a relationship, getting to know your partner doesn't necessarily have anything to do with sex. I prefer to bond mentally and intellectually. I know my love for who he truly is. Sex gone bad can actually end a relationship before you even get to know the the real person."

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