Monday, 27 August 2018

Two Nigerian Housemaids Killed In Saudi Arabia By Their Bosses

Shola and Omotayo

Two Nigerians girls serving as housemaids have reportedly killed by their employers after being trafficked to work as housemaids in Saudi Arabia. It was revealed that the two ladies were murdered within the space of two weeks in their different homes where they worked as house-helps by their masters.

Satellite Times revealed that the first lady that was killed was identified as Omotayo, until her death in June 2018, she worked as a migrant domestic worker in Riyadh. She reportedly sent this photo to her friends in a group chat called "Strong Nigerian Ladies" - a solidarity group crested by Nigeria migrant domestic workers in Saudi Arabia.

Omotayo in her June post which happened to be last, narrated to the solidarity group her latest incident of battery in the hands of the Saudi family she worked for. Her boss and the entire family had descended on her for being disrespectful to them. The maid's only offence was that she insisted her three month salary arrears be paid to her.

She had put her foot down saying she would no longer accept excuses for the nonpayment of her salaries just as she said she was tired of eating leftover food. Her action was seen as an affront. Another Nigerian by name Shola, was also killed by her boss. Her story was told by Adeola Oladipo, another housemaid in the Strong Nigeria Ladies Group.

"Shola has been constantly assaulted and starved by her sponsor in Saudi Arabia. Whenever she demands for food they would always beat her up and she lost so much weight... "One day her male boss came as usual to beat her while she was doing chores in the kitchen.

The beating became so severe she had to defend herself with knife. In the process the knife cut her boss and her sponsor hit her on the neck and she collapsed. When the boss saw that Shola was dying, he rushed her to the hospital where he said she suddenly fell I'll. A few days later, the Nigerian gave up the ghost in the hospital."

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