Saturday, 25 August 2018

Ex-Arsenal Boss, Arsene Wenger Receives Liberia's Highest National Honour


Liberian football legend and now Liberian president, George Weah today awarded former Arsenal coach, Arsene Wenger with the country's highest national honour, Knight Grand High Commander of the humane of  African Redemption.

George Weah is the only African player to win the World footballer of the year award.

The ex-Arsenal manager discovered Weah where he was  playing for Tonnerre Yaounde in Cameroon and he brought him to Monaco in France in 1988. This gave Weah a breakthrough which led him to top clubs like Paris St Germain (PSG) AC Milan and Chelsea.

At the top of his career in 1995, he became the World Footballer of the year and won the Ball on d'Or, making Weah the only African player to win the prestigious award till date.

Speaking at the ceremony in Monrovia, Weah said, "You proved yourself as a teacher when you revolutionized forever the approach of scouting young talents all over the planer, particularly throughout Africa"

Also at the ceremony, a fellow coach, Claude Le Roy who first told Wenger about George Weah's incredible talent was also honoured with the award.

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