Monday, 28 September 2020

OzoneShip: Will Nengi And Ozo Continue Their Friendship? (WATCH VIDEO)

OzoneShip: Will Nengi And Ozo Continue Their Friendship?

Nigerians have successfully destroyed what could have been a beautiful friendship!! Has Nigerians really come in between them or conditions did not favour one of the parties??

According to RealityJoel,  Ozo came out of the house and was dragged, fed with venoms against Nengi.

When will you people ever realize that FRIENDSHIP should be the backbone of any other ship? From being friends you get to know who you want a serious relationship with.

It's obvious Nengi liked Ozo but there was no way she would let herself fall over him in such a confined space choked with competition for a prize.

She was unsure of Ozo's Love professes and wanted just friendship just so her heart, feelings and emotions can be on the safe side, not everybody wants to test the waters and have their heart broken.

Not everybody want their heart or feelings to be toiled with, when she cried this night, I felt her pain.

Ozo whom she thought was her supposed friend IGNORED HER, turned his back on her simply because Nigerians said he was playing foolish for professing love.

98% of Nigerians don't know Love!! They don't value Friendship!!! Love lacks in this forsaken country, just lust and hate all over, Ozo let these people decide how he should treat Nengi.

Well, if I was in Nengi shoes, I will cry, clean my eyes and get over Ozo.

I hate it when I am ignored and the only way I get over it is by completely eliminating the person from my mind.

I just hope Nengi heals, I feel sorry for her.

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