Tuesday, 8 September 2020

Oyibo People Structured Africa In Such A Way That It Will Never Work, Africa Needs To Wake Up' - Yul Edochie

Africa Needs To Wake Up - Yul Edochie

Vibrant Nollywood actor, film director cum politician, Yul Edochie has come out to say that the white people had structured Africa in such a way that it will never work.

The son of vereran actor, Pete Edochie made this known while replying to a question tweeted by actress Uche Jombo, According to him, Africa needs to wake up.

Read Yul's tweet below;

“Oyibo people!
They structured it in such a way that it will never work.
So we’ll keep misunderstanding and fighting each other, making little progress and depending on them for everything.
Same thing they did in many other African countries.
Africa needs to wake up.”

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