Monday, 22 June 2020

'I'm 28Yrs My People Are Pressuring Me To Bring My Husband Home' - Bobrisky


Controversial Nigerian born cross dresser, Idris Okuneye Olorunwaju, popularly known as Bobrisky has revealed that he is under pressure from his parents to get married.

The 28 years old Yoruba born bleaching expert took to his Instagram page to share his pain.

Crying out, he revealed that he is not ready to leave the over 10 sugar daddies in his life.

Bobrisky reveal his people is asking him to bring his husband

He shared the above screenshot and wrote:

“My parent are waiting for yams and money from my husband family…. Me that have over 10 rich sugar daddies that doesn’t know themselves how will I do it ?”

Recalls that Bobrisky made the rounds days ago after he attended his father’s birthday dressed as a man.

He ditched his nails, wig, high heels, female attire, make up , fake boob and butt pads.

He then went to his Instagram page to reveal why he dumped his female attire.

According to him, he respects his family. He said there’s absolutely nothing wrong with what he wore to his father’s birthday, and it wasn’t necessary to ‘paint his face’ while visiting his father.

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