Monday, 18 May 2020

'When You Are Stingy, You Turn Into An Entitled Motivational Speaker' - Simi Advises People Who Always Feel Entitled On What To Do With Their Lives

32-year-old singer, Simi has taken to twitter to advise people who possess the spirit of entitlement. According to the heavily pregnant expectant mum, spirit of entitlement is a filthy one that holds people back in life, therefore, people with such spirit should rebuke it and pray against it.
In her words;

”rebuke the spirit of entitlement in your life. it’s a filthy spirit and it will hold you back.”

This tweet from the 32-year-old caught the attention of many and people have reacted to this differently on social media. See some comments below;

”Preach sis! More especially these girls always feeling like it’s their right to be given money”

”When you are stingy, you turn into an entitled motivational speaker”

”Sense of entitlement is a bad thing that can ruin better things for you”

”Once that spirit has been rebuked..disappointment wouldn’t be a thing anymore”

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