Saturday, 16 May 2020

WATCH VIDEO: Simi Excited As Her Song 'Duduke' Hits 2 Million Views On YouTube

Singer, Simi has taken to instagram to show gratitude to her fans as her latest song, Duduke hit 2million views on YouTube.

Ever since the beautiful artiste dropped the single, ‘Duduke’, her unborn baby has become, not just a child celebrity, but a symbol of love and hope for many.

The viral song took on a life of its own with the #DukukeChallenge, where everyone becomes “pregnant,” miming the song, dancing to it, or just soaking up the air of pure love the song creates every time it is played.

The single just hit 2M views on YouTube and Simi can’t keep calm about. Taking to IG, Simi wrote – “2M views, So grateful. Keep streaming. Keep sharing”.

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