Tuesday, 19 May 2020

'Stop Looking For Sponsor, Go And Get A Husband' - Fan Blasts Onyi Alex

Nollywood Actress, Onyi Alex has been attacked by a troll after she took to social media to celebrate a couple who are expecting a child.

The actress shared the picture of the couple which shows the wife heavily pregnant and captioned it:

“You are truly blessed, my friend… Uzorma I am so happy for you. I pray your baby grows into a strong man so full of wisdom. Can’t wait to hold him. Yes, I can finally post”.

A troll who reacted to the picture stated that the actress should go find a husband of hers and stop relying on “sponsors”.

@rozaygraciasdios wrote: “Stay there and be celebrating others. Your own is to look for who will sponsor you”.

Onyi Alex responded: “Na God go punish that person wet use your head do blood money. Ewu Hausa with nos sense”.

@rozaygraciasdios fired again: “Thanks for the prayer, but the truth is always bitter. At your age, you should stop looking for sponsor. Look for your own home. Ewu Togo”.

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