Tuesday, 26 May 2020

'If You Don’t Want Or Like Sex You Have Nothing To Do With Marriage' – Nigerian Lady

A Nigerian lady, Martina Oge Ifemeje Mgbechi on Facebook, has said that you don’t have anything to do with marriage if you don’t like or want sex.

According to her, no man or woman can endure sexless marriage, as sex is food to a man and if you are not ready to feed him, you should remain single.

Read below as she posted;

“If you don’t want and like sex you have nothing to do with marriage.
Don’t create problem for yourself, because no man or woman can endure sexless marriage. To a man, sex is food and if you are not ready to feed him please remain single. To a woman sex is love, if she is not touched she feels unloved. It is not a sin to be single but it is a sin to marry and be denying your husband or wife sex.”


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