Monday, 18 May 2020

Actress Funke Akindele Flaunts Corona Hairstyle

Funke Akindele has flaunted her new hairstyle just days after such was described as corona hairstyle by an international media house.

The hairstyle which has been around in Africa for a long time has suddenly become a trend due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The corona hairstyle makes the wearer’s head look like the depiction of COVID-19 which has killed thousands across the globe.

A Kenyan hairdresser, Sharon Refa told Associated Press: “Some grown-ups don’t believe that the coronavirus is real, but then most young children appear keen to sanitise their hands and wear masks,” she said.

“So many adults do not do this, and that is why we came up with the ‘corona hairstyle”.

Margret Adenya who rocks the corona hairstyle stated that it’s a cheap alternative to expensive hairstyles.

“This hairstyle is much more affordable for people like me who cannot afford to pay for the more expensive hairstyles out there and yet we want our kids to look stylish,” said Margaret.

A mother, Mariam Rashid, 26, said “Covid-19 has destroyed the economy, taken our jobs from us, and now money is scarce.

‘I, therefore, decided to have my child’s hair done up like this at an affordable 50 shillings, and she looks good.

“The hairstyle also helps in communicating with the public about the virus,” she added.

Without concern about the new name the hairstyle bears, Funke Akindele shared a picture showing her rocking it.

She captioned the picture with hashtags #ajankokolo #puffpuff which shows the original name of the hairstyle.

She wrote: “Hair on lockdown! #ajankokolo #puffpuff #iamnotmyhair #borrowmehair #jenifasdiary #sceneonetv #funkeakindele #funkeakindelebello”.

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