Tuesday, 30 July 2019

PHOTOS: Black Axe Confraternity Strip And Humiliate Girls Who Mimicked their mode Of Greeting

Members of Black Axe confraternity have publicly humiliated two ladies for mimicking a mode of greeting used by members of a confraternity. The women were pictured smiling by a poolside as they did the greeting peculiar to the Black Axe Confraternity popularly referred to as AIYE.

Their pictures later got the of members of the cult group and they went after the ladies and punished them.

"Hold and behold, this is what you get when you impersonating what you don't belong. It's actually not a child's play. It's called blackism. Stay off if you don't belong. We are Neo Blackism," the confraternity captioned the photos as they share them on facebook.

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