Saturday, 13 July 2019

Actress Toyin Abraham’s Rumoured Husband, Kolawole Talks About Having A Child At 26 And How He Feared It Will Ruin Him

Nollywood actressa Toyin Abraham and fellow actor Kolawole Ajeyemi few days ago tied the knot traditionally in the city of Ibadan. Both the couple have kept mourn about it, but their friends have confirmed it, including Kolawole's 14-year old daughter. Flash back to when he was 26, he recalls how he impregnated a woman and all the fears that came to his mind. Read his message below;

''TBT To My dearest daughter, @temitopeajeyemi 14 years ago when I was a 26 year old young man, when you came to my life it seems like a problem because i wasn’t ready, I thought of how difficult the industry was, Struggling to be who I wanted to be, feed myself and feeding you was a deep thought for me but I still see you as a bundle of joy. @temitopeajeyemi I thank God for giving me a gift I could have ever imagined you have brought me a great light dear, every moment I think about you gives me courage,hope and joy.I won’t have imagine life without having you Omomi. Thank you for making me a proud father, I promise to always be a good father to you till my very last breath . #WGATAP #SONOFMERCY #DAUGHTER #kolawoleclothings''

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