Tuesday, 25 June 2019

IK Ogbonna Ex-Wife, Sonia Morales Cautions Follower Hoping For Her And IK Ogbonna To Get Back Together


A follower expressed hope that Sonia Morales and IK Ogbonna will get back together if there's a problem with their relationship. But Sonia doesn't think getting back together is always the best idea and she cautioned the hopeful follower.

Sonia, who now lives countries apart from the father of her son, was having a question and answer session on Instagram when a follower told her she loves her family and hopes she and actor IK Ogbonna gets back together.

Replying the follower, Sonia wrote: 'Guys, you really need to stop pushing people "back together". How about we just wish each other happiness and peace of mind instead?.'

When asked if she is still together with IK based on the fact that she let him see their son during his birthday, Sonia said she doesn't want to stop a man from being a father to his child.

She also advised a follower who just ended a relationship with a narcissist. Sonia gave the advice like one who has had a similar experience.

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