Monday, 18 February 2019

'Sowore Will Take Nigeria To The Future' Says Finidi George As He Endorses Sowore

Finidi George and Omoyele Sowore

Finidi George, ex-Super Eagles player has endorsed the African Action Congress (AAC) presidential candidate, Omoyele Sowore.
According to a video posted on his Instagram handle Finidi, said: "Election is around the corner, my question is, 'who are you voting for'? I know who I'm voting for; I'll be voting for Sowore".

He added that: "The young lad is vibrant, and he will take Nigeria to the future. Anyone who is over 60 cannot take Nigeria to the future. We are tired of voting the same old men that I think someday will sell Nigeria."

Remember, Finidi was a right winger who was part of the Super Eagles team at Tunisa '94 and USA '94. He was part of AJax FC that won the Championship League in the 90s.

He encouraged Nigerians to use their votes properly and vote for  Omoyele Sowore.

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