Friday, 8 February 2019

Pregnant Nigeria Woman And Her Kids Survive Ghastly Car Crash

If we call this a miracle we can never be wrong as a pregnant Nigerian woman and her two kids survived a ghastly car accident   when they were travelling.
It was reported that the car conveying the family somersaulted multiple times and landed on its head. The car was damaged  but the pregnant woman and her kids came out alive through the window.

Sharing the good news to a Facebook group, Stella Ruby wrote:

"The devil is a liar. Indeed God is wonderful!!!!!!

My pregnant aunt and her two kids encountered an accident on their way and d car somersaulted 5 good times. But lo and behold dey came out safe through d window

Truly d good God we serve never slumber nor sleep. Pls help me to thank God for his infinite love."

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