Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Photos: Little Girl Survives After Being Tied In A Cement Bag For A Week By Suspected Female Kidnapper

A little girl has survived what could have killed many after a female suspected kidnapper, abducted her from her parent's apartment in Ozuoba community, Obio/Akporlocal government area of Rivers State and tied her in a cement sack, waiting to be soldoff to suspected ritualists.

According to multiple sources on Facebook, luck ran out on the woman this afternoon after some residents suspected her foul moves. She was interrogated and vonfessec tokidnapping the little girl. She took them to the place where she tied the girl inside a cement. The residents quickly untied the sack. Luckily, the girl was stillalive. She was rushed to the hospital.

The suspected kidnapper who many described as a wealthy woman in the area, confessed that she had carried out many other of such abductions and that she always handed over her victims to some ritualists she works with.

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