Sunday, 21 October 2018

APC Speaks On The Resignation Of Senator, Shehu Sani From Party

Senator Shehu Sani

The All Progressive Congress, APC, has reacted to the resignation of one of their senators, Shehu Sani from the party.

The Senator announced his resignation in a letter addressed to his ward chairman in Kaduna state on Saturday over prolonged crisis in the state chapter of the rulinh party.

According to his later, it reads;

"I present to you my highedh compliments and wish by this communication to formally offer you my resignation from the APC.

"I had joined the APC and remained with it against all odds in the belief that it will constitute a veritable platform for the realisation of those democratic ideals which I hold very dear.

"I joined in the belief that honour and integrity will be the ultimate ethos of the party and most importantly that internal democracy will always be the norm."

The statement read;

"We received the news of the alleged defection of Senator Shehu Sani through media reports.

"The party leadership will relate with all the facts concerning the reported defection and react appropriately in due course."

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