Thursday, 6 September 2018

'I Was Led Into Robbery By Stepmother and Initiated Into It In The Mosque - 13-year-old Boy

A 13-year-old boy identified as Ajayi revealed that he went into robbery because his stepmother did not want yo see him snd that he was initiated in the mosque around Jakande area of Lagos state where he was sleeping.

The Police in Lagos state paraded the suspect and his accomplice, Balogun who is also 13 years old. Ajayi claimed he started living in the mosque when his father divorced his mum to marry another woman.

Ajayi was taken to the mosque immediately his father remarried and was abandoned there without any feeding allowance. The suspect claimed he had no choice than to resort into stealing after he was introduced into stealing by some people he met in the mosque.

"After a while, the management of the the mosque sent every one of us sleeping in the mosque out. The leaders of the said we constituted nuisance. After that my father took me to his workshop where he sew clothes and asked me to be sleeping in the shop, instead of taking me home. It was in my father's shop where I was sleeping that I met my accomplice and we became friends. He then told me that his elder brother needed a laptop. He said if I come across someone who wanted to sell I should contact him.

"One fateful day, I was walking on a street at Jakande Estate when I saw an empty Disc Jockey (DJ) shop opened. I went straight into the shop pucked the laptop and went away. Thereafter, I called my friend that I have a laptop for his brother. After I had stolen the laptop, I took it to my friend's elder brother and I told him I was selling it for N10,000 but he said he could only afford N3,000. Because I was hungry, I agreed to the price. He gave me N2,000 and asked me to come later for N1,000.

It was because my stepmother said she did not want to see me that led me into robbery. I regret my action. I was later arrested by the police on the street when I was going to buy food I wanted to eat on Tuesday last week about 8p.m."

Balogun who is Ajayi's accomplice revealed that he became friends with Ajayi in school and they also lived on the same street at Jakande area.

According to Balogun,

"When he brought the laptop to me, I asked him where he got it grom. He told me he stole it; I asked him to return it to where he picked it from that I didn't want to see the laptop. Instead of returning the laptop to where he stole it from he went to sell it to another person. I was going on an errand when police arrested."

Babatunde Adejagun, 27, who bought the laptop was also arrested by the men of the police force. When Babatunde was interrogated, he said his friend, Lawal Wasiu introduced the boy to him.

"It was where they were fixing phone at a shopping complex at Jakande that they approached my friend that they had a laptop they wanted to sell. My friend then brought them to me. When they brought it to me, they said it was their brother who is a DJ that owned it but he asked them to sell. It was then I decided to buy it from them. They told me initially that they were selling it for N8,000 but I told them I could only afford N3,000. They agreed and I gave them N2,000. I told them to come back for the balance of N1,000." he said.

Lagos state commissioner of Police, zEdgal Imohimi who paraded the suspects before newsmen said all of them would be arraigned in court after proper investigation.

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