Thursday, 10 May 2018

'Only Yoruba Award' - HipTV Owner Reveals Why No Artiste From South East Got Award At The Headies Last Saturday

Like the previous editions, the recently held Headies Award did not take place without controversies. One of the controversies was that the organizers only awarded musicias who were Yoruba's.

According to Cnnaija, the owner of HipTV, Mr Ayo Animashaun, while speaking with GoldmyneTV, however, rubbised the claim, saying, "I don't have any comment on claims that we only celebrate Yoruba musicians. If you check the list of nominees in every edition, you can tell by yourself.

Looking at the circumstances we operated in, I am excited about the outcome of this edition."

He admitted that they had overwhelming support from people even though they still spent a lot  of money for this edition.

"If I needed to pay everyone what they deserve, perhsrps we would not be able to organize the awards ceremony. For me, things can be rough or good, but you have to admit where you find yourself and grow from there. If we hold the award because of money, we would not have lasted 12 years. We've seen many shows or ideas that collapsed after two or three years of their existence because the organizers were not making money, but the Headies is here to stay for a long while. We know that each year cannot be the same, some years were very good with lots of sponsorships while we would have to struggle in some cases."

Similarly, Mr Animashaun said he had never felt like stopping the awards ceremony because of money.

"If you put your mind to something and you want it to come out well, money should not be your priority. Nobody wants to help anyone unless they get value from you. Once you are able to give value to people, the rest is history. But sometimes, they are not easily convinced, so if you give up, you have failed," he concluded. 

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