Saturday, 19 May 2018

'If An Officer Wants To Search You, He Must First Surrender Himself For Searching' - Police

It was declared by the Nigeria Police Force through their Twitter page that before any civilian in Nigeria can be search by a Police officer, that officer must first be searched.

According to police force in their tweet, it reads;
"If an officer wants to search you in your house/ car, he must first surrender himself for searching. This is the procedure. Ask politely. #AskThePolice"

This statement was triggered after someone asked the account - what the flow of process is when a police officer stops a citizen... whether it can include the officer introducing him/herself as 1st action point... with 'introduction' meaning name, rank and station attached to.

Police then responded, see the response below;
Yes, especially if he is on mufti - he is expected to introduce him/herself. And his mission. For avoidance of any doubt.#AskThePolice.
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