Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Yahoo Boy Kidnaps His Mentor For Holding Back His Share


Internet fraudster (yahoo boy) identified as Eze Douglas Uchenna has reportedly kidnapped his mentor identified as Alvin Onuoha.

Uchenna who was paraded alongside his alleged accomplice, Vincent Uchenna by Lagos State Commissioner of Police, Imohimi Edgal, took Onuoha away in a Toyota Camry saloon car while he was about to enter their compound around 5:20pm on April 6, 2018, at Ajah, Lagos. Four other accomplices that carried out the operation are no where to be found at the moment.

"Two of the suspects were arrested when they went to collect the N200,000 ransom they demanded for the victim's release" Police Commissioner, Edgal said.

According to the arrested yahoo boy, he said he only wanted to collect his money from his boss, who was in the habit of not wanting to give him his share from victims they duped.

"We were into internet fraud and he said whenever we made money, it would be shared on 60/40%. I agreed and brought buswheneveinesses to him but each time money came out, he would deny me my 40%

The first one we did together, we made $4,300. Instead of giving me my share, he gave me  N300,000. I still stayed with him and kept bringing my jobs to him. I finished another work and handed over the details to him so he can follow up with payment.

The work paid $30,000 but he kept telling me they haven't pay. So, one of the guys who used to live with us in my boss' room called me from Philippines and told me that my work had paid and that I was a rich man now.

I went to my boss and asked him how far with the payment and he said nothing for me. That I was in place to learn work and not to collect money. They started treating me somehow and since I was afraid for my life, I left the house in October last year.

I slept inside tricycle for month s until I met my friend, Vincent and he introduced me to his friend, Matthew who helped us in getting his soldier friend and some other boys to pick the man up" Eze said.

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