Tuesday, 10 April 2018

My Boyfriend Rejected Me As A Man But Fell In Love After I Transitioned Into A Woman


A transgender woman who was rejected by her Facebook love interest as a man says they are now a couple and in love following her transition.

Erin Anderson, 22, knew she was born in the wrong body from the age of three, when she would put on her mum's makeup and draw herself as a girl.

She was still living as a man called Aaron when she first approached 28-year-old Jared Norris on social media, believing he was "cute".

At the time, Jared kindly rejected her.

But two years later, after Erin had "come out as trans and a woman", he liked one of her pictures on Instagram and they began dating.

Today, they are a couple - with Jared saying he loves the fact that his "beautiful" Marilyn Monroe I look alike girlfriend is "willing to be herself"

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