Sunday, 4 March 2018

My Boyfriend Loves It The Way I Flaunt My Bum On Instagramc - Pat Ugwu

Pat Ugwu

Nollywood actress, Pat Ugwu is one of the new generation actresses that is making waves in the movie industry. At the same time, she is endowed with great bodily features, which she is flaunt on Instagram.

As we all know, the industry is associated with a lot of controversial stories related to sex and other vices. People believe that it is dufficult for any actress in the industry to keep good relationship with her partner.

But this seems not to be the case with Pat Ugwu, according to her, as she opened up to Potpourri, she is in a relationship with a man and everything she does is with the consent of her boyfriend.

Pat Ugwu

"My boyfriend doesn't complain about my sensual pictures and videos on Instagram at all. He knows I am doing what pleases me and he loves me for it in fact, he's the one that pushes me to go ahead with it. He knows it is all about entertainment. I am an entertainer. He's also an entertainer and he knows it is all about entertainment"

"He's not scared of competition from anyone either. He knows my love is for him. We trust each other. Hey, because I flaunt my BIM and twerk a lot on Instagram doesn't mean I am up for grabs, moneybags or no moneybags, I am not for sale. I have a man in my life and I am okay with that"

Pat Ugwu is identified by the moniker Pat Pat Ugwu on Instagram and she often bombards her page with series of hot photos and videos featuring her and friends showing off their assets.

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