Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Security Agents Spot Nnamdi Kanu And Wife In Ghana

Nnamdi Kanu

It was revealed by Cnnaija that security agents have confirmed spotting IPOB leader, Nnamdi KANU in the company of his wife in Ghana.

The leader of the Indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB) was last seen in public in September 2017 before the military launched Operation python Dance II, an exercise aimed at stopping the pro-secession movement in the southeast.

Since the military raided his home in Abia state, there has been speculation that he might have been arrested and possibly killed but recent drvelopment s prove otherwise.

According to TheCable, Intelligence reports by security agents reveal that Many escaped to Ghana through the Niger Delta creeks using a boat msnned by militants at the heigh of Python Dance II exercise.

According to the reports, the IPOB leader is regularly seen at Kenxo Bar and IBG saloon in Accra, disguised in a baseball cap and usually in company with his wife, Uchechi.

"He is said to live in an area called Cantonment , also in Accra, at an estate called Arabella and also said to regularly patronize suya joints in remote parts of the city." 

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