Sunday, 28 January 2018



Alapomeji, Alapo plenty, 9ice has been nicknamed Father Abraham by his fans after the news went on air that he was expecting a 5th child.

Report revealed that the music star was expecting a 5th child from a Skin care expert, identified as Olori Oluwayemisi. She manages Zenics Skincare in Lekki, Lagos.

The singer debunked the allegation saying it is not true, but he said "To have more children is not a crime". He revealed that he intends to expand his horizon.

Here is what he said;

" The reports are not true that I am expecting my fifth child from another woman. I have no idea where the report came from, but the truth is that in Nigeria, especially in yorubaland, there is an adage that says that you don't count a man's children for him.

"To have more children is not a crime, but the sad thing is that people would believe what they want to believe. I am currently in the studio working on new songs and I am also promoting my new song, 'Rbami', but no one would write about that. All they know is to peddle false news about me."

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