Friday, 26 January 2018


Apostle Johnson Suleman and Stephanie Otobo

She is at it again, Nigerian/ Canadian singer, Stephanie Otobo  who claimed she was in a sexual relationship with the General Overseer of Omega Fire Ministries, Apostle Johnson Suleman, told the High Court in Lagos to examine Suleman's prove her case.

At the initial stage of this case, Apostle Sulemsn filed a libel suit against Otobo and SaharaReporters, saying that all what they published about him was not true that they just wanted to tarnish his image.

On Ms Otobo part, she has refused to let go of the case, she insists that the the two of them shared a sexual relationship and on several occasions had unprotected sexual intercourse and exchanged nude photos on their mobile devices.

The singer claims that she in possession of conversations between both of them speaking as lovers and photos of them posing naked.

According to Ms Otobo, she took screenshots various naked photos of both of them especially that of the Apostle's manhood exposed to her by him. She insists she she wants it to be examined and suggested that counsels to both parties snd an independent observer appointed by the court to be present to view it snd compare its features with the pictures of the manhood which she is going to tender.

She added that they had met in Napoli, Italy while the pastor was there for a program and he gave her some cash to rent hotel accommodation close to where he lodged in other to be convenient for him to sneak in to hang out with her.

Also in her claims, she said she had collected 3000 and 2000 euros on different occasions for her shopping

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