Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Music From 9ice And Adekunle Gold Are The Most Sensible In This Generation - Fan

9ice and Adekunle Gold

According to a fan, he said that going by the content of the messages that can stand the test of time in this generation, Abolore Akande also known as 9ice and Adekunle Gold brand of music are the most sensible.

He added that the music of these days are rubbish songs which does not affect the new generation positively.

The Fan said, "if you are listening to the dongs of KSA, Evang. Obey, SSP, Evang. Funmi Aragbaiye et'al of 20 years, they are still as fresh because they have positive messages, compare to the music of this generation.

" I will implore the artistes of this generation to do research and compose meaningful songs that would help their generation."

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