Monday, 29 January 2018



After weeks of controversy and debate over the contents and import of Olamide's 'SCIENCE STUDENT' hit dingle, the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) has finally ruled on the broadcast rights of the song.

The NBC has thus issued a 'NOT TO BE BROADCAST' (NTBB) status on the song, which effectively proscribes it from being aired on all radio and television stations.

This was made known by the Head of Public Affairs, NBC, Hajia Maimuna Jimada.

She revealed that the broadcast restrictions only reflect the regulatory commission's stance on the song as it relates to its broadcast on TV snd Radio but it foes not have the authority to ban the song outright.

In an interview with Tribune, Hajia Jimads said;
"NBC does not ban music. Our mandate is on what goes on Radio and TV. Olamide's Science Stidendent has been declared Unfit for broadcast.'

" The profligate mention and the subtle promotion of illegal drugs declared the song unlawful.
"We have communicated all our licensees for compliance or they will face sanctions."

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