Friday, 5 January 2018

Fani-Kayode Reacts To Sahara Reporters Allegations That He Broke Up With His Wife

Femi Fani-Kayode and his wife, Precious

The former minister of aviation, Femi Fani-Kayode has reacted to the allegation leveled against him by the online news site, Sahara Reporters that he broke up with his wife. Sahara Reporters yesterday alleged that it was Fani-Kayode that told Apostle Johnson Suleman to make a prophecy on assassination attempt against his wife, Precious, to cover up domestic violence being unleashed on his wife.

The former Aviation Minister said they are all lies and hr is going to sue Sahara Reporters for defamation of character.

Read Fani-Kayode's reaction below, signed by his Special Assistant on Media, Jude Ndukwe:

"We read with disgust the fake story that was published by saharareporters this morning concerning Chief Femi Fani-Kayode and his wife Precious Chikwendu.

We wish to put it on record that there is absolutely no iota of truth in any part of that story and it is nothing but fake news.

As a matter of fact it is a total fabrication put together by a desperate and vicious media house that seeks to destroy the lives of every member of the Fani-Kayode family.

Saharareporters has a history of creating fanciful and destructive stories about Chief Fani-Kayode's private life and this is nothing new. They have been doing it for the last 12 years and their hatred for Chief Fani-Kayode knows no end.

To write absurd and irresponsible stories in an attempt to portray Chief Fani-Kayode as an irresponsible and vicious wife-beater, to portray his wife as someone who has questionable morals and to go as far as to suggest that the paternity of their children was ever questioned is utterly shameless.

We would like to remind the publishers and editors of saharareporters that they have wives, children and husbands too and it is simply ungodly to try to destroy someone else family and reputation with such lies.

The Fani-Kayode's have instructed their lawyers to take up the matter and we urge the Nigerian public to ignore their baseless and desperate fabrications and treat them with the contempt that they deserve."

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