Thursday, 25 January 2018


Dubai Taxi

Etisalat Digital will partner with Cars Taxi to implement surveillance solutions and analytics across the company's fleet of 2,180 vehicles in Dubai, Etisalat has announced.

According to Etisalat, the partnership will enable Cars Taxi to manage and conduct real-time monitoring of all taxis to improve efficiency, customer experience snd safety. The move is on compliance with a directive from Dubai's Roads and Tranort Authority (RTA) to deploy CCTV cameras in taxis.

"We are proud to be associated with Cars Taxi on this prestigious project as one of the key initiatives that contributes to digitalizing the public transport industry," said Salvador Anglada, Etisalat's chief business officer.

"I would like to congratulate RTA for such initiatives that will enhance customer experience, improve safety and provide operational visibility in the management of the public transport system."

"This is just the beginning of this relationship as we plan to further strengthen our automotive portfolio to enable digital information of the public transportation industry," he added.

Abdulla Sultan All Sabbagh, the CEO of Cars Taxi Group and Chairman of UTTP Taxi Platform, called the partnership "significant" as it will give customers a "digital experience" and help keep them secure.

Cars Taxi Services was established in 2000, with the first franchise company beginning operations the same year. The company has same expanded operations across the UAE and has a current fleet of 5,271 taxis and over 8,500 employees.


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