Tuesday, 26 December 2017

'The Future Looks Brighter After I Released MAD OVER YOU' - Runtown

Photo of Runtown

This year has been really good for music star, Douglas Jack Agu,28, popular known by his stage name Runtiwn. The songwriter said the future looks bright after he released MAD OVER YOU.

The 28-year-old singer said;

"Even while recording the song, I knew it would be a very big song. But to be honest, I never thought that it would be as big as it eventually became. Immediately after the dong dropped, everything changed. Everybody seemed to like the song, snd it was played everywhere.

I started getting calls from all around the world to perform the song and people were very emotional about it. All the songs I released after Mad Over You have also done very well, and the future looks even brighter."

Talking about his son, Zamar, He said;

" My son is one of the best things that have happened on my life. His birth opened new chapter in my life, and anytime I look at his face, I feel indescribable joy and excitement "

On the issue of may be he will be getting married to his baby mama, Selena Leath, anytime soon, Runtown said,

"Nobody knows what the future holds, but right now, I'm concentrating on my career."

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