Monday, 18 December 2017

'The Event Wouldn't Hold If We Can't Guarantee Safety' - Phyno Reacts To The Reports That 20 Girls Were R*ped At His Concert

Photos of Phyno

Recall that rap star, Phyno held his popular Phynofest Concert at Nnamdi Azikwe stadium in Enugu about a month ago. His fans turned up in masses at his sold out stadium concert.

A tweet went viral on Twitter  just last night of how over 20 girls were raped at the concert.

The rap star took to his twitter handle to react to the claim that those girls were raped. He shared how the stadium was heavily guarded during the show.

From some of his tweet, Phyno said, "The event wouldn't hold if we can't guarantee d safety of the fans that came true. And this is coming up a month d event... How come?"

See tweets which says over 20 girls were raped below:

Tweet of 20 girls raped at phynofest

Read Phyno's reactions below:

Phyno' tweet


Anonymous said...

Great delivery. Sound arguments. Keep up the good effort.

Matthew sAMSON said...

why not separate the women from men or create two access point to subsequently demarcate the field into two. this is call crime prevention through environmental design(cpted)

this system can help to control the situation and prevent future occurrence of such nefarious act, and also with appropriate use of physical security equipment design

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