Sunday, 12 November 2017

'Tuface Is A Very Fake Person Who Is Used To Deceiving Nigerians' - Eedris Abdulkareem

Photo of Tuface and Eedris Abdulkareem

Controversial rapper who was a member of the defunct Remedies group, Eedris Abdulkareem has called Tuface a very fake person, that he is acting according to his name ( two face). He said Tuface is deceiving people but pretending to be good.

Meanwhile Tuface has replied Eedris on his claim that he influenced his (Tuface) growth in the music industry.

Tuface in a series of tweets also responded to Eedris' running mouth where the rapper said Tuface should have helped his former label mate, Blackface, to rise again in the industry.

Tuface replied Eedris' rants and said, "Dear Blackface and Idris. As na una sabi music pass, make una do the music and stop talking nonsense all the time. I'm too busy, so this is the only advice snd response u're gonna get from me. Ina fit resume una nonsense rants."

Eedris did not take Tuface's reply lightly, in his( Eedris) chat with Saturday Beats he reminded Tuface that he was the one who introduced him to Kenny Ogungbe of Kennis Records label that brought him to limelight.
He described Tuface as a "fake person who is used to deceiving Nigerians"

"Tuface is the definition of his name. He is a very fake person but you would think he is a good person. Life is not about competition but about doing the right thing when God gives you the power to do it. My problem with Tuface is this, if he tells you good morning, go and check the time. It was the same Tuface that took Nigerians on a ride, he told them that we should protest, he made so much noise but we all know how that ended. He knows exactly who sent him to do that and after everything, he backed out. Do his name is Tuface but he should not call himself Tubaba, he should remain Tuface.

" Effie Montana and Tony Tetuila are my brithers, We all started together as Remedies, so we have a story to talk about. Plantashun Boys snd Remedies are a family, we all started together, we went on tours together and there are a lot of things that I saw which promoted me to do the dong, Wackawickee MCs. The song was talking about my experience during the Rothman's groove tour with the Plantashun Boys. Whether you like it or not, we all have a history together and I saw everything that happened. I came back yo ding the song. In the song, I said that Tuface was the Plantashun while the rest are the boys but he should not let it get to his head. Today, God had blessed him but he is still competing with the guy that wrote most of his hit songs. Why isn't he helping him and forget about the past? Is that what life is all about?

"The world will know about this in this songs that I will drop very soon. The only way he can become Tubaba is for him to become a hood person and he should stop lying to Nigerians. He should go back to Blackface, show him love and forget about competition. That is what I am talking about. Besides that, I have no problem with Tuface. I am showing Tony and Eddie love the same way they show me love. I took Tuface to Kenny Ogungbe, he is a stupid boy. He should get it straight to his head, it is not about now. Nobody is competing with anybody. He should get his acts together. Also, we are different from each other, I am a responsible man. Even if he is a married man now, don't forget he still has about seven 'wives' so when he is talking he should watch his mouth because we are different people. Tuface should understand that it is not about competition but speak the truth," he said.

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