Thursday, 16 November 2017

School Girl Cries For Help After Sex Attack Near A Primary School

Photo of Langton Crescent

A schoolgirl, 10, has cried for help to be rescued after a sex attack on Langton Crescent, near St. Marnock's primary school in Pollok, Glasgow. The sad incident happened on Tuesday around 5pm when a man approached her.

The man ran away in the process as the young girl screamed for help. She was not injured in the cause of attack.

The Police Scotland spokesperson said, "We van confirm that, at around 5:10pm yesterday s 10-year-old girl was walking on Langton Crescent, Pollok when she was approached by a man who incidentally assaulted her.

" Shortly thereafter a member of the public stopped to help the young girl and police were contacted.

"Officers are following a positive line of enwuiry."

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