Friday, 17 November 2017

Man U Wanted Di Maria Because They Wanted To Sell His Shirts - Di Maria's Translator

Photos of Angel Di Maria

Manchester United forward, Angel Di Maria's translator, Debora Gomes has said Man U simply wanted his client, Di Maria for commercial purpose, to sell his shirts.
It was revealed that the club has humiliated and disrespected him.

The incident happened in 2014, when Man United signed the Argentine from Real Madrid under the supervision of their coach at that time, Luis Van Gaal.

Man United who signed Di Maria with €75 million has nothing to do with his qualities on the pitch but he was bought because he could sell more shirts for them.

The translator said United only wanted to sign his client for commercial reasons.

Deborah said, "He was unhappy at the club"

"Firstly he couldn't communicate with anyone".

" And second because he realized the club bought him not because the club thought oh, he will bring titles to us because he is a good player.

"No. Because they simply wanted to sell his shirts.
" This I heard inside the club, the people talking. 'Di Maria Sells T-shirts, so let's buy hom'. So he was not happy."

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