Saturday, 11 November 2017

'I Have Never Told Lies Before' Says Lai Mohammed

Photo of Lai Mohammed

Lai Mohammed said he has never told a lie before, speaking during an interactive session with journalists in Lagos, the Nigeria's Minister of Information and Culture blasted those presenting him as a liar and further asked them to dispute the facts he has always brought up in their face.

According to Lai, he has said that he has never told a lie before and the tag on him as a liar is orchestrated by PDP who he claimed is yet to forgive him.

"I have two burdens, The first is that I happen to be the face of the opposition, and PDP has not forgiven me, and I do not think they will ever forgive me"

"I think they look at the magnitude of what has happened to them, and they hold me solely responsible, which is not fair. But, I did my bit. Now becoming the face of government again, it is automatic to them that whatever comes from Lai Mohammed , we must shoot it down as fake news and a lie"

"Incidentally my father gave me the name Lai, also. So, it  makes it very easy for them to make a liar. But what I challenge them every time is, please, give me one thing I said that is not true. I have never told lies before."
"Emotionally, you may not agree with me, but in terms of facts and figures, I have never said anything that they can be disputed. You do not have to like it, but you cannot deny that they are facts" Lai said."

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