Friday, 3 November 2017

'I Am Keeping My Virginity For Anthony Joshua Or Rob Kardashian' - Nigerian Lady

Photos of Anthony Joshua, Scholastics and Rob Katdashian

A Facebook user, Scholastica Joseph who is a Nigerian lady has revealed her feelings for Bristish-Nigerian boxer, Anthony Joshua or Rob Kardashian. Scholastics has said that she is keeping her virginity for either of them.

The lady said that she prefers to be a virgin till she gets married to Joshua or Rob but other guys can enter friend zone mode.

Scholastics wrote;

"Same way no female wants to marry a virgin guy is same way men be bullshitting female virginity... But men are scums TBH they'll tell you anything to get in your pant... like this I'm keeping myself for Anthony Jishua.... Or Rob Kardashian... Rest of you can enter friend zone. 
Photo of Scholastica

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