Saturday, 11 November 2017

'Anyone Who Asks You To Give Offering Is A Thief' - Reinhard Bonnke

Photo of Reinhard Bonnke

Great man of God, Reinhard Bonnke who according to him is coming to Nigeria for crusade for the last time (farewell crusade).The German Evangelist is currently in Nigeria for his last crusade in the country. He maintained that he doesn't collect offerings during his crusade and anyone who does during his crusades is a thief.

"We are here to bless you, we have brought you gifts of salvation snd deliverance, we are here to give and not take anything from you.

" Anyone who asks you to give offerings for this crusade is a thief and should be reported immediately, " the sponsors of the crusade Christ for All Nations, warns participants on Thursday at the crusade ground.

The Evangelist made this statement after he was accused of using the opportunity of the massive crowd at his Crusade to generate money into his personal pocket.

Mr. Ifeanyi Duru,50, who spoke to The Punch correspondent, said Bonnie's decision not to raise offerings at his crusades is "an attestation yo his sincerity" in only being concerned about "the salvation of souls."

The 50-year-old man recalled that as a student in University of Benin in the mid 1980s, a popular preacher from the region had to contend with the activities of people he describe as "rogues" who tried to raise unofficial offerings from the crowd.

"The preacher who is now late, had decided to collect offering during his open-air crusades, but some unscrupulous persons tried to outsmart him," Duru said.

"The colours to be used were announced just a few seconds to the commencement of each offering collection, and because the rogues had no prior idea, they were defeated in their purpose," he added.

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