Thursday, 12 October 2017

Yung6ix Denies Being An Eiye Confraternity Members Says, "I'm Not A Cultist That Was A Label Hand Shake"

Yung6ix vidro, No Flavour

Rapper, Yung6jx has come out to deny that he is an Eiye confraternity member.

The speculations of the rap star being a cultist came up in the video of his song titled NO FLAVOUR where he made a particular handshake which made most of his fans said is the same as that of the Eiye confraternity.

One of his fans wrote;

"I just saw No FLAVOUR video, so @Yung6ix is a birdman!!!! Eiye for that matter...Wawuuuu issokay."

Looking the video of that particular song, in the first 5 seconds of the video, he freed some bird which reportedly signifies the "AIRLORD" which is another name the Eiye member are called. The handshake in the video made their hands form the shape of a bird's wings.

Ying6ix has denied the allegation that he is an Eiye member says that;

"I'm not a cultist that was a label hand shake"

Yung6ix tweet

Yung6ix video, No Flavour

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