Friday, 27 October 2017

VIO Official Who Was Dragging Steering With A Taxi Driver Made The Car To Crash Into A Mr Bigg's Restaurant

Photo of VIO crashing into Mr bigg's restaurant

A Vehicle Inspection Officer (VIO) who was dragging steering with a taxi has made the car to crash into a Mr. Bigg's restaurant building in Jabi area of Abuja. The incident made the customers at the scene of the incident to flee for their dear lives.

According to an eyeeitness, it was around 3:30pm when an unnamed VIO officer was dragging the steering wheel with a taxi driver who was trying evade arrest until the vehicle crashed into the building.

The car with the registration number ABJ 189 XD, which had a lady at the passenger seat, crashed into the resturant, which is along Awolowo Way, injuring the lady and some staff of the restaurant. It also destroyed some properties.

 The officer, who had stopped the driver around airport junction, about 2km from the site of the incident, was said to have forced his way onto the driver side of the vehicle snd struggled with the steering until it rammer into the building.

Photo of car crashed into Mr Bigg's

The vehicle shattered the glass entrance of the restaurant, pulled down a standing air conditioner, tables and chairs before a pillar and counter at the centre of the restaurant forced the vehicle to a stop.

While the incident attracted a mob, joint task force, which included the police, army, Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC), and Civil Defense invaded the location, harassing people to leave the scene and beating a beating a photo journalist.

In an attempt to capture the incident, the journalist, who displayed his Identity Card to the military men was beating profusely while his camera was dragged from him.

The taxi drivers, who complained about the excesses of the VIO officials had protested against the highhandedness, threatening to lynch the officers.

The crowd was however dispersed and policemen at the scene declined comment, saying they were not authorized to speak on the issue.

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