Sunday, 22 October 2017

Usain Bolt Set To Start A Football Career In 2018

Photo of Usain Bolt

After a fulfilled athletic career, Only!pic legend, Usain Bolt,31, is set to begin another career in football next year. The Jamican retired from athletics after the World Championships earlier this year in London.

Bolt has disclosed his ambition yo become a footballer after he leaves athletics. The 31-year-old Olympic legend plans to begin another career in 2018 when he recovers from from his hamstring injury.

"I would love to play football now I've retired from track and field," he told FIFA. com. I've been talking about it in interviews and a lot of clubs have reached out.

"Unfortunately, I got a bad hamstring injury in August and haven't been able yo to any training since then.

" Hopefully I will be able to play some games in 2018." Bolt who is a huge fan of Manchester United was given an offer of a trial at Championship side Burton Albion by the Chairman, Ben Robinson.

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