Sunday, 22 October 2017

Transgender Woman Spends £55,000 On Cosmrtic Surgery To Look Like A Brats Doll

Photo of Jolene Dawson

A transgender woman has spent almost £55,000 on bum implants, nose jobs snd jaw slimming procedures in a desperate quest to look like a Brats doll.

Jolene Dawson had most of the cosmetic surgery in the space of six months when she was just 19 years. Now 21,she wants to have her Adam's apple removed and belly button "sewn up" to complete the look.

Jolene, of Gold Coast, Australia, has long wanted yo look like a Bratz dull as she perceives the cartoons are "beautiful".

" It was almost accidental at first "As a child I really liked Bratz dolls. Then as I got older and realized that I wanted to become a woman, I started surgery to get the chin and the heart shaped face, " she said.

She added, "Growing up as a boy, I never really thought about playing with Bratz dolls.

" But then, when I watched the cartoon, I realized they looked like what I saw as beautifil".

Jolene has forked out thousands on other beauty treatments, such as full-boy hair removal and breast augmentation in the past few years.

She has now had your nose jobs which altogether have cost almost £5,000.

Jolene added that she had "always been really confident" and said if somebody doesn't like her" it's more a missed opportunity for them".

Jolene who is currently single, said she is always "100% open" with potential partners.

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